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Fast and Powerful Remote Access to Your Network

Working from home either full-time, part-time, or a hybrid setup has become the norm.  And there are many ways to do it!

Netsmith’s “Take Control Plus” program: Designed to help you take control of your business, employee efficiency, and user experience. The right remote support solution doesn’t just connect employees to machines, it solves business problems.

We make remote connections easy!

  • Logon via web browser – from any computer!
  • Remote printing for Mac® &Windows® on any printer
  • Fast video streaming
  • Full screen and fit screen views
  • Hide wallpaper and screen blanking
  • Lock PC
  • Restart and shutdown
  • Take Screenshot


Secure Infrastructure

Any solution you choose needs to be powered by strong technology and secure processes. Netsmith’s remote software “Take Control” helps keep things safe via:

•  Changing the normal process of remote connections. Instead of opening a listening port, both the home’s machine and the user’s work machine get session keys from one of our intermediary cloud servers.

•  Resiliency and redundancy: Beyond the security element, our cloud server architecture is designed to promote maximum uptime via redundant servers. If network traffic can’t go through one server for whatever reason, our systems will route the traffic to another. Additionally, traffic remains encrypted end- to-end, making it difficult (if not impossible) to snoop in on communications.

In short, we include multiple safeguards in our infrastructure to help keep you and your users secure while using Take Control.