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Reasons to Backup Microsoft 365 Data


Businesses that lost data stored in Cloud Applications


of IT leaders predict remote and hybrid working will make Microsoft 365 data loss more likely

“We recommend that you regulary backup your content and data that you store on Office 365 using third-party Apps and Services.”

Microsoft Services Agreement

Accidental deletion

A user may accidentally delete a shared OneDrive® folder, their entire inbox, or even a SharePoint® site. Microsoft 365 Business Standard only retains data for 14 days by default (can be set to 30 days by admin).

Retention Gabs

One a user becomes inactive – say, if they leave the organization or are let go – their data may be deleted unless you continue paying for the user account before deletion.

Insider Threats

Whether accidental, like a user clicking a phishing link, or malicious, like an angry employee deleting data, some employees may mass remove data.  If they wait out the retention period, the data is lost.

External Threats

Cybercriminals can also hack into Microsoft 365 accounts – either on their own, or as part of a larger attack – and either encrypt or delete data.

Legal and Compliance

Some compliance regulations stipulate a length of time that data must be retained.  For example, HIPAA laws in the US require data be stored for up to six years.  If you don’t have the right Microsoft 365 plan, you may accidentally become non-compliant.

Less Control

If you face a data loss event – you’ll have to wait on Microsoft, and depending on the timeline, they may not have the data.  Having your own instance of the data through a 3rd party backup solution gives you more control and happier customers.


Pricing for 3rd party backup products vary, and not all of them include cloud backup storage in the price. We offer a predictable flat per-user price and included cloud storage.

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