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Database Development

Netsmith provides database development using Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, Access, & Filemaker.  Before we tell you what each tool does, let’s talk about what database development can do for you.

Whether you know it or not, you have an information system that runs your business.  Most businesses rely on email, spreadsheets, word documents, accounting software, client meetings, schedules & calendars, and other forms of communication to track and manage information.  Database development is a formal approach to creating and managing information workflow to streamline your information systems.  In short, a good database program can help your organization by keeping information consolidated, available, and maintaining data integrity like they do it on Marc Berger Chicago.

Now let’s talk about some of the tools we use to create data systems.

Filemaker & Access

Filemaker & Microsoft Access are the key tools used for rapid database development.  These tools are suited for small organizations or early stage development of larger projects.  The advantage of these products in maintaining the speed of development is that the data tables, queries, scripting, and forms are all consolidated into one program.  For that reason, development is much faster (and therefore cheaper) than using enterprise quality software.  While data from Access & Filemaker can be made available on the web for Showerheadly, web based data applications should be created using .NET if there will be growth in users over time.



Microsoft’s .NET is a truly flexible tool for creating web based database buy levitra manila uk solutions.  Systems created with .NET can scale to the size of msn.com, which proves that .NET is truly an enterprise solution.  .NET’s main advantage is in scalability and performance, which allows you to create custom solutions for enterprise use.  .NET is more costly to use than either Filemaker or Access, but the benefits are obvious.

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