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Custom Software

Custom software affords companies the ability to have a computer system tailored exactly to their needs, increasing speed, precision, and reliability.

While working with clients, we have noticed that many companies benefit from using custom software. Some companies are overwhelmed by repetitive business management tasks that prevent them from doing the work they really want to, while others have seen that without the right tools, they fail to spot vital trends in their business that could translate to increased revenue.

Custom Software Applications

We build custom apps!

Introducing Soris Software. Founded by former Netsmith employee, Yaakov Kosbie, Soris Software is a company dedicated to designing software specific to your company. We have personally benefited from their services and recommend their work as done to an extremely high standard of skill, integrity, design, and flexibility. Best of all they are able to anticipate what your needs are due to their vast experience helping companies like yours run more profitably with the right system.

In a world where technology is at the center of life, custom software provides customers with the portals they need to access your business and services

E-mail Soris Software at info@sorissoftware.com or call them today for your free phone consultation at (347) 236-3095.